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(20 April 2017– 28 June 2017)


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  • Please read the details and Terms & Conditions here.
  • Please prepare the following "Other Supporting Documents" for your application
Other Supporting Documents

Please prepare the following documents in PDF format for Step 7 of the application:


  • Portrait which can show Applicant's face clearly
  • Academic/ professional qualifications and membership
  • Completed Nomination Form (please click here to download the form)
  • Written reply of work attachment conditional offer from overseas design company(ies)**, if any
  • All reference letters from previous employer(s), if any
  • Award certificate(s), if any
  • Student ID Copy (for Design or Design-related Graduates only)
** Overseas Work Attachment Conditional Offer

If you plan to undergo overseas work attachment, please seek conditional offer(s) from the suggested overseas design companies:

  • Please send your resume and portfolio to your selected company(ies) by email directly. (Please click here to find the companies' email addresses).
  • Please state "Application for work attachment of DFA HKYDTA 2017" and your application ID (e.g. PD-0003) in your email subject.
  • Please try to secure at least one 6 to 12-month work attachment among the suggested overseas design companies and ask the company(ies) to provide you email confirmation(s) if it/they grant(s) you the conditional offer(s) on or before 28 June 2017.

A Copy of HKID is required if you are shortlisted for the first round interview and you will be asked to present your HKID card original copy for verification at the registration counter when you attend the interview in July 2017.



by 17:00 on 28 June 2017 (Hong Kong Time, GMT +8)


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f: +852 2892 2621

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